Top-Label Geschäftsführung

New products and services for our customers!

On May 1st, 2020 we celebrated the first year of involvement of MC-Line at Top-Label. In this year we implemented many internal improvements, such as optimization of flexo print workflow, electronic print inspection Media Check and many training sessions for our employees.

We qualified Top-Label to offer apprenticeships to printers (Medientechnologe Druck) additionally to those already in place in prepress (Mediengestalter) and administration (Industriekaufmann). Our team welcomed  8 new colleagues in sales and production within the last 12 months!

For the next six months we plan to invest a significant amount to raise sustainability of our production, the efficiency of use of resources and environmental protection.

We currently implement a new ERP-System to again improve our processes and to connect with IT-systems of our customers.

In cooperation with our customers we support the use of innovative materials from sustainable resources or with high ability for recycling. We join our customers in tests, therefore the changes are successful.

Of course, we produce our labels with low migration inks and varnishes – not only for our customers in food, beverage and cosmetics.

With high quality labels and gentle service we could increase our sales with existing and new customers.

“The first year of our affiliation at Top-Label we focused on internal improvements. Now we are prepared for more sales!” resumes Dietrich Mägerlein, Sales Manager at MC-Line.

Thanks to our digital, flexo and letterpress technology we produce self adhesive labels for small and medium size companies in food, beverage, cosmetic, detergents, disinfection and hygiene – with personal contacts and in carefree packages!

“Our customers benefit from our collaboration between Top-Label and MC-Line. We serve our customers with passion – personally, safe and reliable!” claims Anke Hoefer, CEO at Top-Label proudly.